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… and after

Thank you so much everybody! I’m overwhelmed by your response and all the congratulations here and on Ravely and Facebook. It really makes me happy 🙂

I’m now having a vacation from spinning for a few days. I took up something I love to do but haven’t had time to do the last few years:


This swatch shows a pattern I found on Pinterest. Today I’ll start crocheting the real thing. Maybe borders for new curtains? Our old house loves lace curtains! Here’s a link to an amazing page with lovely crochet patterns.

New dimensions: granny squares

Sorry I can’t show photos, you’ll need to follow the links to some amazing crochet: granny squares. And more here!

Makes you want to have a closer look at your yarn stash, doesn’t it?

What I’m doing? I’m spinning. Also starting to translate my tapestry crochet patterns into English and Finnish for the Nordic Knitting Symposium in July. Writing a short article for my guild’s magazine. Thinking about making a pizza – I’ve been having a bad ache for pizza the last few days. Not many gluten free tasty pizzas in the pizzerias. I have to make it myself. Tomorrow, promise to myself.

Not dying after all, my stellar pelargoniums. This dark winter has been an ordeal for them, but now they show signs of optimism.

vÄren kommer

Carol Ventura, tapestry crochet


I’m happy to have attended Carol Ventura’s beaded tapestry crochet class at a Nordic Crochet Symposium some years ago. She has an awesome site with hundreds of photos from all over the world. Her blog (link on her site) is a joy to read. She even presented me in it a few years ago. As a teacher she’s intense, eager to share her wast knowledge. If you ever have the chance, go to one of her classes!

One of her books with patterns and techniques:


And may I present Iiro, who got his name from one of Finlands ministers of finance who seemed to know only one word, “save”. Iiro eats left over coins from our travels. You know, beads for swines… he eats from the small basket I crocheted in Carol’s class.


Teaching tapestry crochet at a knitting symposium


So I will teach tapestry crochet at the Nordic Knitting Symposium 2014. Who could’ve guessed? Not I, for sure. When they called me and asked, I said “tapestry crochet???” in a tone that suggested I don’t know what a crochet hook looks like.

But a short tour in my Ravelry projects reveals the truth: I have crocheted lots of bags and purses in that technique, and I have crocheted/knitted KorsnĂ€s sweaters. So after thinking for a while I said “yes, please, I’ll be glad to teach tapestry crochet!”

I’m so excited to take part in this big knitting event!

HjÀrtligt vÀlkomna till Nordiskt Sticksymposium 2014 alla som vill virka nÄgot fÀrgglatt och folklig tillsammans med mig! HjÀrtligt vÀlkomna alla som vill virka nÄgot dÀmpat och stilrent! Jag hÄller tvÄ halvdagskurser under symposiet. Du lÀr dig grunderna, och sedan börjar Àventyret. Du kan omsÀtta det du lÀrt dig i egna projekt i den stil du vill. HjÀrtligt vÀlkommen Àven om du inte alls vill virka utan bara sticka, för den illustra skaran fina sticklÀrare Àr imponerande!

SydÀmellisesti tervetuloa Pohjoismaiseen Neulesymposiumiin 2014! TÀstÀ tapahtumasta tulee hieno, siitÀ olen aivan varma. Opetan monivÀrivirkkausta erittÀin mielellÀni. Perustaidot opit nopeasti, ja sen jÀlkeen voit kehittÀÀ omia malleja. Tekniikka on monipuolinen ja sitÀ voi kÀyttÀÀ monella eri tavalla vaatteissa, pusseissa ja laukuissa, sisustuksessa. Tervetuloa myös jos et halua ollenkaan virkata! Vöyrille tulee suuri joukko erittÀin taidokkaita ja inspiroivia neuleopettajaa.