… and after

Thank you so much everybody! I’m overwhelmed by your response and all the congratulations here and on Ravely and Facebook. It really makes me happy 🙂

I’m now having a vacation from spinning for a few days. I took up something I love to do but haven’t had time to do the last few years:


This swatch shows a pattern I found on Pinterest. Today I’ll start crocheting the real thing. Maybe borders for new curtains? Our old house loves lace curtains! Here’s a link to an amazing page with lovely crochet patterns.


  1. Helen

    Curtains or shelf trim? One of these days I’m going to do this lol. Thank you for the link to the patterns.

    • Barbro Heikinmatti

      We don’t have open shelves in the kitchen so no one would see the trims, but the border would be lovely on shelves. Right now I’m thinking linen or cotton curtains with lace edges.

  2. Susan

    FINALLY I did get to look at your fabulous post re your Master Spinner certificate!! What an impressive achievement! All the people who participated, from the paint to baking to baskets and the young musician etc etc etc, were very talented. I had been cleaning for a week 😦 because I had 13 women here for a spinning mtg and my sister for 3 days and HAD to do a Spring Cleaning 🙂 Woof Glad that is over! We had a good time and it is always interesting to see what others are doing and get input on what I am doing………dressing a loom for a fine wool MacKay Tartan scarf. Someone found me a booklet on line, old, re weaving tartans and author suggested one start with carpet warp to practice……oops, too late for that now haha
    Enjoy May day! and rest on your laurels 🙂

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