My name is Barbro Heikinmatti. I’m a handspinner who likes to work with many kinds of fibers in all forms. I’m interested in the history and cultural history of sheep and textiles. I like many other things like dogs, photography, reading, nature, art, music… I have an MA in literature. I worked as a librarian for 40 years until I retired in 2011. The last 13 years I was chief librarian in our municipal library.

In August 2013 I got my Certificate of Achievement in Handspinning (Online Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers), and the next spring I achieved my Master Spinner title in my guild Björken at Stundars.

I bought a floor loom in 2014. I hope to have time for learning more about weaving with woollen yarns, preferably my hand spun.


  1. Imbi Jäetma

    Dear Barbro, thank you for “stumbling” across Estonian Native Sheep!
    I am Imbi Jäetma, the proud owner of 120 Estonian Native Sheep, found and gathered by us from all over Estonia since 2004 (and most found (wool and sheep) types are up to today preserved).
    Our farm is situated (60 km from Tallinn) in Lahemaa National Park, so our brand is called Lahemaalammas. Part of Muhumaalammas ewes and rams come from our flock. We work hand in hand with Annika, she’s more scientific, us being more pragmatical.
    We love what we do!
    Imbi and Taavi
    P.S. Our homepage is OLD – we are waiting for our IT guy to wake up:)

  2. mazzaus

    Dear Barbro, I have been tagged for Blog Hop Around the World by Seattle Spinner. I Would like to hand the baton to you if you agree! Let e know what you think 🙂 Mary

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  4. Bridget

    Hello Barbro,
    I am the French girl from south of France fond of Suku Park, and I am happy to find back your blog.
    I always don’t knit (I mainly crosstitch) but I am interesting by your work with wool and sheep from Finland, your beautiful country.
    I will continue to visit your blog, and to enjoy what you are doing.
    Best regards

  5. niasunset

    Hi from Istanbul dear Barbro, I am crazy with knitting world. I love to knit too. (www.acupofteawithnia.wordpress.com) and also I love photography, I love your works, photographs and your lovely little fur friends 🙂 Blessing and Happiness, Thank you, Love, nia (By the way, I wanted to invite you to my photography blog (it s private) but I can’t find the exact address for this, system didn’t accept them, so if you wish you can send a request, be sure I would be so glad, http://www.photographyofnia.com )

  6. Jen Emslie

    Hello! I was just wondering if you would mind if I use a couple of your photos from wool week 2016 in a keynote presentation I’m doing for some women on Saturday. We are talking about Shetland and Fair Isle knitting, and your pics are great. Thanks! Jen Emslie

  7. Amber Bishop-Kainu

    Hi Barb, I am looking for more information on the Kainuu Grey Sheep. I am an American living in Finland with my husband and children, and am having a hard time finding information on the breed. I’ve been spinning for some years, and this last year got more enthusiastic about it. I’ve been working on translating from the Suomenlammas Yhdistyys websight, but I feel like there should be more information out there. Thank you! I really love looking at your blog, and it’s nice to know that there are other spinners out there. I know it’s deep in Finnish history, but I don’t know anyone near me that spins.

  8. Ann-Maria Grims

    Hej Barbro, såg ditt namn på internätet i en kurs som hade hållits på Loftet i Vörå. Jag såg att ni hade en bild på Vörå Siksak strumporna. Tyvärr kunde jag inte riktigt tyda vilka färger som hade använts i siksakmönstret. Eftersom du är ifrån Vörå så antar jag att du vet vilka färger som gäller för strumporna. Vore så glad om du kunde vara så vänlig och meddela mig vilka dom färgerna är på siksakmönstret. Tack på förhand!

  9. Tim Hanley

    Hi Barbro!
    You seem to have a lot of knowledge with spinning wheels! I have one I’m restoring and believe it to be Swedish, maybe a Korf? Could you help? Thanks!


  10. Caroline Hawkins

    Dear Barbro, Love your blogpost on Finnish Korsnäs sweater/stitch. I am looking to source artisans for a project. Maybe you could help? Please do get in touch!

  11. Jane (Fant) Ely

    Hi Barbro, I ~so glad I found your blog. I love all things weaving and quilting! Also I love vintage spinning and weaving equipment, so have really enjoyed your pictures. My grandparents were from Finland, Petalax, and I wonder where you live in Finland? Do you have time to email a bit? My cousin and I will be in Vasa this July. Sincere thanks for your blog.
    Jane near Seattle

  12. Tanja

    Hello Barbro, I just came to your blog while doing research on a quite interesting wheel I recently purchased. I have found some interesting informations in the “wheels for my readers” post but nothing about my future wheel. It would be great if I could send you a picture of it, maybe you can help me out. Tanja from Austria

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