“Slow fashion”

Today I want you to watch Josefin Waltin’s beautiful video “Slow fashion – from sheep to sweater”.

Slow fashion

While on Youtube, watch her other videos! There’s one on how to spin on a supported spindle which in my opinion is one of the best instruction videos about this technique.


  1. Marilyn F.

    Ah, that was so sweet . . . thank you. The music and pastoral scenes made it even more pleasurable to watch. I’d love to be there right now. Isn’t YouTube great?

  2. Rebecca

    Brilliant. The combo of wheel spun and spindle spun yarns and process was really interesting especially the walking and spindling. Seems to me alot of folks are adopting this traveling spindling as a way of recording time, investing more meaning in the yarn and increasing production time. Wonderful vid, thanks.

    • Barbro Heikinmatti

      Yes, spindle spinning is increasing, which makes me happy. I teach spindling, and I love most kinds of spindles. Nowadays when I travel I usually choose my spindles and fibers first and not the knittings, which was my natural choice earlier in life.

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