Crochet needles – a mystery

Look at these crochet needles on my spinning cloth. All are size 2,5 (mm I presume). If you don’t swatch very carefully when using a written pattern you may get very far from what you had planned, even when you use the suggested yarn. The three needles with the same thickness in the shaft have different hooks, so the result will be different if you change your needle to another in the middle of a project.

Swatching, swatching, that’s the life of a crocheter…


Just for fun, have a look at different ways of sizing and numbering hooks. There are plenty of charts on internet.


  1. Marilyn F.

    Yes, those crochet hooks visually all look alike, but you say they work up in different gauges. Its a good point to share and quite amazing that just a different crook in the hook will make a difference. You would think crocheting would be easier than knitting, as you are only working with one needle, but it seems sampling is important in both. I have not done enough crochet to know this so I appreciate the information. Thanks for sharing.

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