A Hap for Harriet

As so many others, I admire Kate Davies’ knitting designs. I’d like to knit them all, only I have so little time for knitting. But I am knitting A Hap for Harriet now, from a yarn I spun a couple of weeks ago.


It’s a blend of BFL/silk dyed by my friend Britt-Marie in Sweden, shrieking pink longwool, red silk, tomato red Merino. I carded the fibers on the drum carder. It’s a strong, fine, soft yarn, I’m quite pleased with it. I use 3 mm knitting needles.


I’m happy with the colour: a deep, vivid red with a hint of fuchsia.


The pattern is easy, and I like the shape of the shawl. It can be used as a scarf, which is how I usually wear my shawls.

You can find the pattern here: A Hap for Harriet.

Spring is here! We’ve seen so many birds returning already. The first flowers are blooming. I took this photo a week ago at 10 in the morning, now the snow is gone and the road is almost dry, and the sun is much higher in the sky by ten o’clock.



  1. Marilyn F.

    What a marvelous color!!! You have a great sense for blending and I can see from your beginning knitting that the scarf will be beautiful. Hope you have some sunny warm Spring weather soon with daffodils and blooming fruit trees. We are certainly getting it here.

  2. Susan

    WOW, that colour will certainly cheer you up…as will the drying roads!! I knitted mine from a lace spun Ryeland fleece and feel very elegant with it on. If you check the beginning and ends of the shawl you will see they are not the same and I didn’t notice it until I was blocking it and thought I had done something Wrong! But if you look at the 4th picture down on Ravelry you will see what I mean. It may or may not ‘bug’ you and it is easy to correct.

    • Barbro Heikinmatti

      Thanks, yes I see what you mean. I’d probably had knitted the finishing garter stitch rows without noticing that they are missing in Kate’s shawl. I don’t read instructions very carefully… 🙂

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