I am with loom!

I don’t have much to say because I’m stunned – I keep admiring my new (second hand) loom. I have been longing for a loom for a long time, and all of a sudden I have one.



It’s a counter march, 120 cm, 8 shaft loom. Perfect! Kasper isn’t interested at all. I had a similar, but bigger one, in the 80s. It’s made in a prison, a kind of therapy work I think is excellent.

I’ll return when I have something more to say!


  1. Marilyn

    Congratulations Barbro and happy weaving. Its just terrific news that you have a new tool to work with. Take care, Marilyn

  2. Susan

    HAHAHA, and down the slippery slope she goes!! I love it. I too have a 8 shaft countermarch loom. I love it, esp for Linen. Don’t be afraid of it 🙂 Am very excited for you.

  3. yooladesign

    Hi , do you happen to have the assembly instructions ?… I’m not a weaver but I found one that is not assembled and I think is similar to this one , the parts look the same… but no instructions and the company that made it isn’t active anymore. It’s Finlandia varpapuu.thanks !

    • Barbro Heikinmatti

      I’m sorry, I don’t have the instructions. I used an old Finnish weaving book. You could try to google “countermarch loom assembly”, it might give you something. Good luck!

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