Lucet cord

I wanted to know what a cord made from an ugly, uneven hand spun yarn would look like. Well, it’s not beautiful, but I suppose I can use it for something one day.

I love making cords. I know, you don’t need lucet cords very often nowadays. But I still like making them. Every now and then I also find a usage for them.

The lucet is hand carved in cherry. I found it in a Swedish net shop many years ago. I don’t know what the fiber is, but a good guess is Finnish or Swedish brown landrace wool.



  1. Marilyn F.

    This is something I have not done but had a friend who did. I could imagine you could use it decoratively if you used bright colors in your cord to tie up gift boxes or maybe use it for braiding in long hair – or knitting something sturdy like slippers? What was lucet cord originally used for?

    • Barbro Heikinmatti

      Yes, you can use cords decoratively in many ways. In times when there were no zippers or velcro tape you could use cords that you threaded through holes in your garments. Lucet cords where used where strength was needed. Shoe laces are just one example.

      • Marilyn F.

        Ah, yes, lacing up garments and shoes, that makes sense. And I imagine they were strong. What fun. Thanks for sharing.

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