Sweater and sock yarn

The thin sweater and the thin 4-ply sock yarn I showed in my previous post are finished.

Left over yarns.

I spun this yarn on several light weight top whorl and Turkish spindles. Merino and Merino-silk left overs. I think needles 2,25 or 2,5 mm.

The liver leaf is one of the first flowers in spring. I love them!


  1. Marilyn F.

    Love your multi-colored handspun yarn made from leftovers. And you spun it on spindles too. WOW.!! Very bright and cheerful. And your sweater is beautiful – looks like yummy Easter candy! Your liver leaf flower looks similar to our wild violet that blooms this time of year also. Same deep bluish/violet color. Thanks for sharing.

    • Barbro Heikinmatti

      Thanks Marilyn! The liverleaf (Hepatica) is a wild flower in Finland, but also often found in gardens. I think our plant came with an ant as a seed, because that’s how they spread in the wild.

      • Marilyn F.

        Ah, so ants spread the liverleaf plant? LOL. Nature is so fantastic, You never know what you will learn next. Our wild violets spread through the roots, grow like weeds, and are impossible to get rid of – makes a nice ground cover and is green all year long.

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