Carding in winter

The last few days brought us a lot of snow just when we started to think it’s spring. Well, we should have a lot of snow this time of the year, and it’s usually quite cold.



It was cold this morning, -21 C°. No weather for outdoor activities until your hair is dry after the morning shower! So I took a photo of the morning sun indoors.


I have a carding job to do. That’s not easy in cold weather because the air indoors becomes very dry. The rolags cling to whatever they can. Your hands, the carders, the basket. I card in short passes and then wait for the static electricity to vanish.


The snow is beautiful, but it’s too cold for Kasper. He will be 13 years old this spring, and he can’t stand the cold as in younger days.



  1. Marilyn F.

    Its nice to see photos of your area and how the snow looks – even if its cold!! Poor Kasper, he must enjoy the warmth of indoors in his senior years like the rest of us. My 13 year old dog likes being outside most, but it doesn’t get much below freezing here – think it helps her arthritis. What about spritzing with water as you are carding the rolags to reduce static electricity? We do it when we are using wool combs. Your rolags are beautiful and look easy to spin. Lucky person to be getting them.

    • Barbro Heikinmatti

      Yes, I use a mix of water, oil, and a drop of dish wash detergent to reduce the static electricity when I comb and sometimes also when I hand card. I usually card in the autumn when the air is more humid, but last autumn I couldn’t do that.

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