Crafter of the year, Årets Gunnar

I received a fine award this week – I’m the crafter of the year 2016 at Stundars, the museum and craft centre where my guild Björken is active. The award is called “Årets Gunnar”, “Gunnar of the Year”, after the museum’s founder Gunnar Rosenholm. I’m of course very proud and happy!

Årets Gunnar

Three of the diplomas on a wall in my spinning room are hand printed at Stundars’ printing museum. If I receive more diplomas I have to move the picture showing a part of the  Bayeux tapestry… it’s been with me for decades, an inspiration for a handspinner to spin fine and even threads for making art.

Left to right: Certificate of Achievement in Handspinning (Online Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers, UK) ; Gesällbrev, apprentice diploma (Stundars) ; Mästarbrev, master spinner diploma (Stundars) ; and the Crafter of the Year 2016 diploma.


I got flowers, and I was interviewed in the local paper and radio station. Always nice to spread the word to a world that knows next to nothing about spinning!



  1. Ulla Härkönen-Saarela

    Onnittelut Barbro Vuoden Gunnar arvonimestä!!!! Huippu juttu! Hienoa, että olet jaksanut viedä upeaa kansanperinnettä eteenpäin ja kehittää sitä. Aivan mahatava juttu!!! Risto onnittelee myös hienosta saavutuksesta.

  2. Marilyn F.

    Oh, you are so deserving of this award!!! Warm Congratulations!!! You made a good point in your interviews that you can spread the word about spinning to the world that knows very little about it. That is great. May you receive many more awards for your hard work and sharing the craft.

  3. Susan

    Well, aren’t you the most deserving one!! Congratulations and good for you. Marilyn and I were pleased to hear of this, thank you for telling us.

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