1. Marilyn F.

    Lovely yarn – what bright colors! Do you have a special project in mind or are you just spinning for the pleasure of it?

      • Marilyn F.

        Yes, I was wondering if you would chain ply, we call it Navajo Plying here. A great way to keep the color sequence. I’m sure it will be a lovely shawl with your fine yarn. Happy Knitting and Spinning . . .

        • Barbro Heikinmatti

          I too used to call it Navajo plying, until I read somewhere (Spin Off?) that the Navajos never plied like that. So I use “chain ply” (kedjetvinning) like most Swedish speaking spinners do nowadays. The term is also spreading into Finnish (ketjukertaus). I also like “chain ply” because it describes the technique.

          • Marilyn F.

            Yes, I agree with you that “chain ply” is much more appropriate and descriptive of the process. Odd how names like “Navajo ply” get attached – I’m not sure where it came from. I do enjoy plying that way and like the results of keeping a color sequence. Some spinners/knitters say that the bump that occurs can tend to stick out in knitting and not blend in. Perhaps their knitting was very loose? I haven’t had that problem – have you?

  2. ElaineChicago.

    A bunch of us are also participating in the Tour D’ Fleece with the above mentioned Crazy Sheep Lady as our Leader.
    Your yarn is so finely spun and has such lovely colors. Spin On!

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