Independence Day 2015

There’s usually snow and ice on the ground this time of the year. The meteorologists say this could be the warmest Independence Day since they started to keep statistics officially. I was out taking photos in my sandals and only a vest, no sweater or jacket! It’s been raining instead of snowing, so a lot of water is coming down from the woods behind our house. They cut down some of the trees last summer. New trees will be planted next year.


I don’t know what that foam is. There are no houses up in the woods, so I think (hope) it’s something natural.


Here the water comes out from under our road! There’s much humus in it, hence the colour. It sounds like a small rapid, which makes a coast person like me happy here in the farm lands with no sea to be seen.


And out to the sea it goes! The Gulf of Bothnia is a few kilometers to the left. When the ground isn’t frozen some of the fertilisers wash out, which isn’t good at all.





The mint plants in the garden think it’s spring. The thyme, chive, and persil are also green, but there’s not much flavour in them now.


Not much is happening on the textile line. I’m knitting Christmas presents.


  1. Kris Paige

    Barbro, My conservationist neighbor solved the foam question…its from water running off the downed pine trees. Apparently when dead, the chemistry changes, and when rained on, creates the foam. (His explanation was longer…) Kris


  2. Susan

    THAT IS amazing…… SNOW! We don’t have any here either, N Idaho, but some is coming down in the mtns. we have 5 days of rain to look foreward to!!

  3. Marilyn F.

    Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. It has warmed up here too (Northern California) and we are getting rain, both of which are nice. Feeling a little spoiled actually with the warmth, but that’s OK. Winter is not overwith yet, and I expect we will be getting cooler weather. Ah, yes, the plants get totally confused with warm winter weather. Hope you get some snow soon.

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