A Visit to the Fries Museum – Part the Third and Conclusion

See what Tomofholland found in a museum! I learned to darn socks and smaller damages in cloth in school, but this is much beyond. I’m fascinated by Tom’s work, he gives darning new dimensions.


A few weeks ago I visited the Fries Museum archives, and their textile conservator Gieneke Arnolli shared with me many beautiful textiles related to mending and repairing. It was the first time I saw darning samplers in real life. These samplers were educational tools for young girls, teaching them how to repair woven fabrics. However, the Fries Museum also holds many samplers for learning how to repair knitted fabrics. Needless to say that as I particularly enjoy repairing knitwear, these were possibly even more exciting than the darning samplers I shared in my previous post!

Fries Museum Knitted Darning Sampler 01a

One of many knitted darning samplers. This one stands out as it was knitted from and repaired with wool

The above knitted darning sampler is different from most of the samplers in the collection, as it was knitted from and repaired with wool. Most other samplers used cotton. Incidentally, it is also similar to the technique…

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One comment

  1. Susan

    I know………..is that not amazing!! I loved those posts. When you make your own clothing, because it is all you have, you take care of it!!! thanks for spreading this around to those who might not get his posts. cheers!

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