It’s a good year for mushrooms. After the long hot and dry period we got rain, and the mushrooms showed in the magic way they always do. In the north they are picking matsutake! We found Russulas and a three different Boletus. No mushrooms for dyeing up there on the cliffs.



I think we should go in that direction…


IMG_2731Aha, buns for me!






Life is good. And Kasper thinks it’s good too. He always gets the last crumb from every meal.


  1. Susan

    What beautiful beautiful mushrooms…….and to think they are edible too!! Lucky you. Kasper always at the ready 🙂

  2. Marilyn

    Ah, your dinner looks yummy. Nothing like fresh wild shrooms! And such a beautiful landscape to hunt them in. Too bad there are none to dye with. But do you have lichen and moss to dye with? Enjoy!

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