Fine needles

I’m attending the Nordic Knitting Symposium this week. Five days of knitting and museums – I’ll return to that when it’s over and I have time to breathe. For now a photo of a work in progress by the Knit Master of my guild, Marianne Wasberg. It’s a miniature two-endknitted piece intended to be a brooch one day. Needles 0.5 mm. My first attempt at Estonian mittens with needles 2 mm in the background (I’m now down to 1.25 mm in my third attempt). Quite a difference in those two knittings, isn’t it? Marianne’s needles are so fine that I don’t think I could use them. I wouldn’t be able to see what I’m doing. She’s an amazing knitter. I’ll show more of her work later.



  1. Susan

    I LOVE the white and the fineness of it. Good job and fun, fun with your electric colours! Enjoy……..

  2. Jody

    I love working with tiny needles but it can be hard on my hands after a while. I can see how fine Marianne’s yarn is compared to yours. I wouldn’t want to use a hard twist yarn with that gauge. Have fun at your Symposium Barbro…it sounds wonderful :-))

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