Finnsheep yarn!

Finished: 787 meters of 3-ply Finn. WPI in singles 48, 3-ply 24. I loved spinning this, and luckily I have some wool left. This is what I called Gold in My Stash in an earlier post. My snowman is melting and has dropped his bow tie, but he’s still on his feet today.

IMG_3498 Finnsheep

IMG_3505 Finnsheep

IMG_3495 Finnsheep



  1. Marilyn

    Absolutely lovely yarn. I spun some Finnsheep wool many years ago when my daughter was young – she is now 37. I knit a cap with it and she still wears it – it has seen many years use. The yarn has a little lustre to it and I would say is a very long wearing wool. Thanks for sharing your beautiful yarn.

  2. Susan

    AHHHHHHH and OHHHHHHH…I have got to finish my knitting so I can get on with the spinning……… keeps getting in the way.
    (supposed to be retired!) 3 ply, ‘Navajo’/chain plyed or using 3 singles from 3 bobbins? It is lovely.

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