875 grams of handspun yarn

I got a blending board a couple of months ago. Now I’ve finished the first yarns spun from rolags made on the board. This is a very fast way to use odds and ends from your stash. I now have 875 grams of 3-ply Merino yarn, WPI 16, spun with a double long draw. The real challenge is to use this yarn in a way that shows it without blurring the colours. I’m thinking moduls or stripes with a contrasting colour.





  1. Marilyn

    My goodness, what a lot of handspun!! And a beautiful picture with the color of the yarn against the background of white snow and brown tree to the side. I like your ideas on use with a contrasting color or perhaps there is enough change in color in your yarn to do gradiated stripes? And how about verticle stripes instead of horizontal? I’m sure however you choose to use your yarn will be outstanding. Thanks for sharing your work with a blending board.

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