My husband and I were in Stockholm last weekend. We didn’t go anywhere, so I don’t have anything to show other than a snowy street and my granddaughter having great fun.



Just think that you can live in a big city with white snow and peaceful streets! It was as quiet as in the countryside, only a few blocks away from Slussen.

I met two spinners while in Stockholm. The other one brought me a spinner’s delight from the US, thanks so much, Kerry!


Power Scour, not sold in Finland as far as I know. How do they think anyone can live without Power Scour? Washing my fleeces will be a piece of cake for a while. Then I’ll seriously start thinking of ordering it from the UK, because I don’t want to use anything else after having tried this. My white Finn fleece is soon washed, and I can go on with the other fleeces. There’s quite a heap of them, I’ll tell more in another post. I also met another Ravelry friend whom I’ve been talking to for several years, and also has met IRL a few times earlier. Such a good place to get to know people, Ravelry!


We finally have snow here in western Finland, and it’s cold as it should be in winter. Now I need my woollens! Kasper thinks it’s nice, too, but he already has his woollens on. I think I’ll knit him a sweater one day anyway. He’ll be 10 years old this spring, and will need something warm in winter.


  1. Susan

    Nice to go to a city once in a while! Most of the women in this area use a dish detergent called Dawn and it does a great job also. The Finn locks look lovely.

    • Barbro Heikinmatti

      Dish detergent is a no-no word in my house when it comes to wool. I wouldn’t wash my hair with it, not my dog, and never my wool. I use shampoo or other detergents developed for protein fibers. But I do know that some people think their wool is glass or porcelain 😉

  2. jessiepoll

    Hello Barbro, love your blog! I am moving from the UK to Stockholm in July and am keen to find other spinners – do you know of a group there meets up to spin please? Many thanks in advance, Jessica

    • Barbro Heikinmatti

      I don’t know of a group that meat on a regular basis, but I know people do meat every now and then. You can ask in the group “Spinning in Sweden” on Ravelry, and “Spinnare” on Facebook. English will be fine even if the members discuss in Swedish. Good luck with your move!

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