Wovember spinning and more

The plough tractor came for the first time this autumn

The plough tractor came for the first time this autumn. Hubby has to shovel the rest

I listen to audiobooks, the radio, or podcasts while spinning. On this beautiful day with sunshine, so rare in November, and fresh white glittery snow, I listen to a program on the Swedish radio about Britta Marakatt-Labba. She is a textile artist with embroidery as her prime technique. Her art is delicate, but often also makes you think. She’s talking about her art, and how she sometimes adds pieces of fish skins or other traditional Sami materials to the embroidery, or how she uses woven flour bags with swastikas left behind by German soldiers during the second world war. She’s working on a picture that tells about the horrific bombing and shooting in Oslo in 2011. She thinks a flour bag with swastikas is a very suitable fabric to embroider such a picture upon, as the Nazi ideas and the ideas of the terrorist in Oslo are much the same. She pictures not only the nature and Sami culture, but also things that upset her. The radio program is called “Vassa stygn”, “Sharp stitches”.

IMG_1938 wovember

I think the best way to find photos of her art is to google her name and go to the Images hits.

My Wovember spinning is progressing, but not quite to plans. I had planned to visit a sheep farmer last week in order to fetch a few Finn and Åland fleeces, but as so often things came in between, so I will go at the beginning of December instead. Today I spin a blue Swedish Finull-Silk blend. Earlier this month I carded wool I had acid dyed in October, and added light green silk top and white silk waste. The result is a very soft but a bit “chewy” prep that doesn’t spin quite even, but has a nice texture.


The house plants try to catch all the light there is. They survived last winter, so probably they’ll survive this one too. I got two Stellar cuttings from a Swedish spinner in Stockholm last autumn, and they survived the air port security, my small carry on bag, and made roots as late as October. The Stellars are Brian West’s Vectis Glitter, the scented pelargonium is one of the rose scented. That one a neighbor presented me when it had grown too big for him. You know how plants move around 🙂

IMG_2891 pelargoner


  1. Heidi

    Kauniista lumikuvastasi tulee ihan koti-ikävä Suomeen!

    Luin CoA-saavutuksestasi Journal-lehdesta joka juuri tuli – onnea vain hienosta saavutuksestasi nain jalkikateen!

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