Reuse: cardigan becomes sweater. Wovember work

Cardigan becomes sweater

Cardigan becomes sweater

I knitted this cardigan from small hand dyed skeins and a teal commercial yarn. The mini skeins were dyed in beautiful blue, brownish, lilac and green shades by spinning friend Ingrid in Sweden. I loved the cardi, but the last couple of years it felt as if it didn’t quite fit me anymore. Today I turned it into a sweater by simply sewing the two front pieces together. Voilà – sweater! And it fits me again! It only needed to be more firm at the front.

On request after publishing this post I added an old photo of the back. There are several photos of the knitting progress in my Ravelry stash.

Cardigan, back

Cardigan, back

I think this fits very well in the Wovember theme. Reuse, mending, pure wool. I’ve always wanted pockets in the cardi, but never got myself to making them. I think I’ll make pockets now. Pockets for things I use when working: small scissors, yarn gauge. Knife. Phone. Needles. No. No needles. Those I attach to my jeans, forget where I put them, and find them the next day. Eventually.

Pin cushion

Pin cushion


I couldn’t resist showing my red socks also. Because, very soon I will change from sandals to shoes indoors, and I will see my socks only in the mornings and evenings. It’s snowing. Sandals go to sleep like bears in the winter.

IMG_1870 snow


  1. TextileRanger

    I absolutely LOVE this sweater! I love the little off-center squares and their echo lines, and I particularly love the solid-color squares that echo the multicolor squares, but provide a transition to the solid sleeves of the sweater. I also love the pattern in the underarm panels. What does the back look like?

    • Barbro Heikinmatti

      Thank you 🙂 What a good analysis you made! That’s about how I was thinking while knitting. I seldom knit from patterns, I just start and then I make plans for the rest of the design as the work progresses. I added a photo and a link in the post!

  2. TextileRanger

    Now I love it even more! My knitting skill level is at “Scarf, all one stitch,” You have inspired me to try to improve my skills so I could create something like this, too.

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